Goodbye from Rhythm House

Goodbye from Rhythm House

To all Patrons of Rhythm House, Mumbai – In India and abroad

In our previous announcement we had said that from 7th March we would be offering left-over stocks. But as it happens, owing to the generosity and cooperation of our principals and customers, we do not have any meaningful merchandise for display.

All product pages on this website have therefore been disabled.

We shall remain at your service if any assistance is required for at least the next three months. Our official contact information is listed below.

Nutan Fernandes
( +9122 43222787 / +91 9820649505
Faiyaz Baghdadi
( +9122 43222797 / +91 9323200299
Mehmood Curmally
( +9122 43222777 / +91 9821872006
Amir Curmally
( +9122 43222707 / +91 9820247198